Jinzhou City Bao Xin Textile Co., Ltd.

yarn,Polyester yarn,polyester and cotton blended yarn

Jinzhou City Bao Xin Textile Co., Ltd.
Country:China (Mainland) China (Mainland)
Established Time:2007
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Business type:Manufacturer, Trading Company
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  • Province/state:Hebei
  • Street:An village jinzhou city

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Persevere in promoting the strength of the enterprise out to make the enterprise strong.
Our company founded in November 2005, we are specialized in manufacturing and exporting cloth and yarn. Our company possesses two factories: a spinning Factory, including six workshops for cleaning, carding, thickening, spinning, trough tubing and packing; a Weaving Factory, including three workshops for warping sizing, weaving and finishing.
Base of through: devote ourselves to the textile industry of china.
High sense of responsibility to society is an excellent traditional of Chinese culture. In this aspect, our company emphasizes
that the enterprise and everyone in it should has long-range goal struggling for, and the staffs'goal should be harmonious with
the enterprise develops goal, and the enterprise's developing goal should be harmonious with the social developing goal.
Core of enterprise culture: Practical improving and developing
The company advocates the enterprise culture emphasizing "Practical, improving and developing" on the basis of the idea
of "Devoting ourselves to the textile industry of China" Development is a permanent theme of the company, the continuous development
is the goal we pursue. Practical work is the foot stone the enterprise develops on. Keep on improving is the way the enterprise
develops along, the company throws away all the ideas and thought blocking the development of the enterprise and pays attention
to keep pace with the time.
Enterprise spirit:persevering,never be satisfied with the achievement we've get.
Management idea:Put customers' demands in the center, put pursue perfect quality
"Customers' demand centered" idea is the basic principle of marketing. All our work should do centered on customers' demands.
All of our staff should set up the principle of cooperation partnership. The quality means not only the product quality,but
everything we do during our working. Our company emphasizes to win customers with quality.
Personnel idea: Moral character,will and wisdom
Good more character, strong will and great wisdom are the standard and requirements the company requires. The company insists on
good more character prior to the talents, and welcome people having both ability and moral integrity working for the company.
Good knowledge structure is also required. The people of the company are required to grasp more knowledge and be brave in practice.
And the good will includes resolution, confidence and perseverance.

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Company Name: Jinzhou City Bao Xin Textile Co., Ltd.
Country/Territory: China (Mainland)
Registered Address: Anjiazhuang, Jinzhou , Shijiazhuang , Hebei, China (Mainland) Zip: 052260
Year Established: 2007
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